Frankfurt Hahn Airport (HHN)
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(Frankfurt Am Main, Germany)

Frankfurt Airport (HHN) Information: Photo of the waterfront skylineNot to be confused with the busier Frankfurt International Airport, Frankfurt Hahn Airport (HHN) is also an international airport and is located in central western Germany. The airport itself is situated to the far west of Frankfurt, approximately 130 km / 80 miles away, within the Hahn area and next to Bärenbach, Büchenbeuren, Lötzbeuren, Raversbeuren and Sohren.

The 24-hour Frankfurt Hahn Airport is also known for its award-winning cargo facilities and is connected to the city centre by a range of affordable ground transport. Despite being the city's number two airport, Frankfurt Hahn serves almost four million passengers per year aboard budget airlines from 12 countries and numerous destinations. The facility prides itself on being an extremely competitive, low-cost German airport, with Ryanair being amongst its most significant airlines.

Frankfurt Hahn Airport is a long distance from Frankfurt and other major cities, but being close to the E-42 and the B-327 highways, it does have good road access and other transport options for those without a car. A regular public bus service serves Frankfurt and offers the cheapest transfer option, while private shuttles and taxis also run to Frankfurt. Nearby destinations close to Hahn Airport include Cologne, Ludwigshafen and Luxembourg.

About Frankfurt Tourism

Frankfurt is one of Germany's most happening cities and also the financial backbone of the country. The city is loaded with historical buildings and fine museums, and the nightlife is lively and exciting, while the surrounding countryside offers plenty of opportunity for exploration, with numerous ancient castles and striking scenery.

In addition, near Frankfurt Hahn Airport (HHN) are the Mosel and Rhine wine-making regions, while other neighbouring places of interest include Darmstadt, Hanau, Mainz, Offenbach Am Main and Wiesbaden.

Contact Frankfurt Hahn Airport (HHN):
Address: Gebaude 667, D-55483 Hahn Airport, Frankfurt, Germany
Airport Code: HHN
Tel: +49 65 4350 9200
Fax: +49 65 4350 9202
Email: not available
Frankfurt Airport HHN

Frankfurt Airport HHN

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