Frankfurt Hahn Airport (HHN)
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(Frankfurt Am Main, Germany)

Frankfurt Airport (HHN) Directions: Picture of tram in the city centreAlthough Frankfurt Hahn Airport (HHN) is a long way from its associated city of Frankfurt, it is central to many other cities, including Ludwigshafen, Cologne and Luxembourg.

The main E42 motorway runs right past the airport, and the route to Frankfurt is fairly straightforward and easy to navigate.

Directions to Frankfurt Hahn Airport (HHN) from the north:

  • Take the A61 towards Mainz / Ludwigshafen
  • Take the Rheinböllen exit, the B50 trunk road and then the Hahn Airport exit for the airport

Directions to Frankfurt Hahn Airport (HHN) from the south:

  • From the Idar Oberstein area, take the L175 and then the L180 north
  • Continue north and merge with the L182
  • The L182 becomes the K2, which leads directly to the airport entrance

Directions to Frankfurt Hahn Airport (HHN) from the east:

  • Take the A66 to Schiersteiner Kreuz and then the A643 to Dreieck Mainz
  • Head along the A60 towards Bingen to Dreieck Nahetal
  • Take the A61 towards Koblenz / Hahn and exit at the Rheinböllen exit onto the B50 trunk road for Hahn Airport

Directions to Frankfurt Hahn Airport (HHN) from the west:

  • Take the I-E44 towards Trier and then the A602 to Dreieck Moseltal
  • Take the A1 towards Saarbrücken / Mainz, exiting at the Mehring exit
  • Head for Mainz / Hahn and follow the signs for Frankfurt Hahn Airport

Frankfurt Hahn Airport is more than 130 km / 80 miles from Frankfurt itself and the name is misleading in suggesting that it is in the city. You should allow two hours travel time from Frankfurt when travelling to the airport and additional time again if driving during rush hours.

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Frankfurt Airport HHN

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